I'm Liam Hänel, UX/UI designer and creator of 🌱Carbon.so—a monthly subscription to offset your personal carbon emissions + 🎵Doug.gy—an aggregator to help you discover and search for livestream DJ sets.

Previously, 🚗 Lyra—vehicle emission tracking software for businesses, using the sensors built into smartphones, 🍌 BAD Condoms—sustainable dingas and a crypto business that hit $600k+ turnover in 1 year of trading.

I'm focused on developing tools to help people understand and act upon their individual carbon footprint.

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Doug.gy — Discover livestream DJ sets from around the world. Think Reddit for DJ sets and music events.
Lyra — carbon tracking software built for businesses with fleets of vehicles. Now closed.
BAD Condoms, originally called Bring-A-Dinga (hence BAD) were a new breed of condom delivered to your door each month.