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A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today - for businesses (2/3) continued

Liam Hänel
September 7th, 2017 · 6 min read

Please note: I’m no longer taking requests to add to these lists

Whilst doing research to compile Part 3 (industry specific) AI products, I found myself updating Part 2 of list of artificial intelligence products for business use with more companies that I thought I would have. The list for ‘Update’ got a little too long and confusing, so I decided it would be easier to break the entire Part 2 list down something a little more digestible. Unlike, populating updates for Part 1’s AI tools for personal use, Part 2 got a little out of hand. So here’s the updates for Part 2 continued… (Also check out [OG] Part 2 here)

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Part 2  —  AI tools for Business use — Enterprise Intelligence
Part 2  —  AI tools for Business use (cont’d) — Enterprise Functions
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Artificial Intelligence for businesses (enterprise functions):

🗣 Conversational Interfaces & Chatbots —  advanced tools needed to build conversational user interfaces Chatfuel  —  build a Facebook chatbot without coding  —  add voice and chat API to websites and apps
Conversica  —  conversational interfaces to help get more sales
EDDI —  create, test and deploy chatbots
FPT AI Platform  —  automated interaction with end-users —  natural language interpretation tool for developers
Gong  —  analyses and improves sales conversations and discovery calls
Kasisto  —  conversational AI platform for the finance industry
KITT.AI  —  create conversational agents using a visual interface
Maluuba  —  teaching machines to think, reason and communicate
Massively  —  build chatbots for business
Meya  —  build, train and host bots in one platform
MindMeld  —  improved version of Siri
Mobvoi  —  smartwatch with voice integration
Motion AI  —  chat bots made easy  —  chatbot with management dashboard
Octane AI  —  marketing automation for messaging
OpenAI Gym —  open source interface to reinforcement learning tasks
Orbit  —  tools to help to help automate conversational AI
Pool  —  personal assistant that helps you get more work done
Recast —  collaborative platform to build, train, deploy intelligent bots  —  platform to build and manage your conversational strategy
Semantic Machines  —  conversational AI for work, travel, shop and play
Snips  —  add a voice Assistant to your connected product
Servo  —  full spectrum bot and voice which integrates with existing systems  —  all-in-one platform for voice and chat applications —  using the Swarm Intelligence (group brainpower) for chatbots
Unify  —  e-commerce chatbot
uTu  —  multi-channel bot analytics and data management —  easily create text or voice based bots for preferred platform
Wysh  —  enterprise scale chatbot with payment methods
Zero AI  —  voice interface that understands meaning, intent and context

Pez.AI  —  powers chat-based businesses —  white label solution for conversational AI
Myra  —  deliver instant customer service for on website —  customer service chatbot for higher education  —  improve CX with conversation
Hatch  —  enables automated eCommerce through Facebook Messenger
Clinc  —  enterprise grade conversational AI platform  —  employ conversational chatbots on most messaging channels  —  robust virtual agent for business  —  build Facebook chatbots
NLU Lab  —  build different types of chatbots
Converse  —  build intelligent chatbots
Basket  —  e-commerce shopping cart chatbot
IBM Watson NLP —  natural language processing for advanced text analysis
Brndstr —  chatbot developer studio
Artificial Solutions  —  enables enterprise grade NLP and analytics
Botsify  —  create a chatbot without code
Hound  —  speech processing to give voice access to products  —  helps you hire people on-demand
Pandorabots —  quickly build chatbots

👫 Customer Relationship

DataFox  —  better CRM
Dynamic Yield  —  all-in-one platform for eCommerce personalisation
Jetlore  —  maps consumer behaviour to structured actionable data
Kasisto  —  conversational AI platform for the finance industry
Reifier —  manages master data for customer, vendor and product  —  central hub for all of customer data across various platforms
Takt  —  helps you understand more about your customers

Dynamo —  gives you all the account insights you need instantly
Augur —  helps recognise the customer using different devices —  helps build audiences using social data publicly available
OpenDNA  —  builds detailed psychographic and behavioural maps on users
Maia  —  takes the hassle out of big data
Cogito  —  detects human signals on calls and provides live behavioural guidance to improve the quality of every interaction

📎 Customer Research

Remesh —  connect with your customers through scalable conversation
Tanjo  —  animated, real-time persona and customer segments

☎️ Customer Support

Aaron —  customer service chatbot
ActionIQ  —  a platform to help marketers to analyse data
Brain —  a chatBot management suite
Clarabridge —  actionable customer insights from text and feedback
DigitalGenius —  add a layer of AI to your contact centre
Eloquent Labs —  turns self-help pages into conversations to reduce workload
Presence AI  —  an easy to use dashboard for handling customer messages
Spin  —  confidential customer feedback
Smith —  real receptionists + ML to filter out any spam/sales/unwanted calls  —  central hub for all of customer data across various platforms —  reduce tickets, lower response times and free up agents
Zendesk —  builds software for better customer relationships

NEVA  —  automation for customer service and support  —  augments contact centre operators with a virtual assistant —  centralised your customer support tools and databases

📈 Market Research

Bottlenose —  less time managing data and more time extracting insights
CB Insights —  prediction to help decision making
Enigma  —  brings together internal data and external data
Intelligent Layer —  improves business operations from undiscovered data
Mattermark —  helps you find the right person within the right company
Predata —  helps transform media into investment risk and prediction
Premise —  helps large organisations make more impactful investments
Quid —  a birds-eye view of any market size, growth and top investments
Tracxn —  tracks different industries and startup ecosytsem for VCs
Appier  —  cross screen marketing to increase revenue
Dataminr —  discovers high-impact events and news instantly

📣 Marketing

AirPR —  helps manage PR efforts and media activity
Albert  —  helps you market better
Amplero  —  AI-driven B2C marketing platform
Automat  —  personalised one-on-one conversations with customers at scale
BrightFunnel —  helps optimise the full customer journey
CogniCor —  automated product queries, Customer on-boarding and more
Crystal —  real-time advice for your social and content marketing
Datorama  —  ML-driven data integration & AI for marketing intelligence
Lattice —  helps you discover untapped markets or potential customers
LiftIgniter —  personalise web content and eCommerce for each user
Lucep —  helps manage lead distribution to sales reps
Maik —  improve your campaign marketing
ManyChat —  create FB Messenger bots for marketing, sales and support
Mintigo —  helps predict leads and increase sales —  a single dashboard to manage messaging presence across social
Persado —  content platform that generates language that inspires action
Questions  —  a quicker and less intrusive questionnaire
Radius —  helps you find, engage, and convert buyers on social channels
ReSci  —  helps with customer retention
Rock Fuel —  predictive marketing that delivers personalised advertised

Prizma  —  optimisation of media content and audience analytics  —  360 degree product view
Cosmos  —  helps you learn more about your customer
ATP  —  marketing toolbox for increasing and streamlining performance
Purple  —  learn more about your customers through their Wifi usage
Boxever  —  helps deliver content to customers at the right moment

💰 Sales

6sense —  add a layer of predictive and behavioural insights account lists
Aviso  —  make informed decisions that accelerate sales growth
BloomReach  —  online shopper insights  —  record and summarise online meetings to help pipeline closure
Clari —  accurately forecasts and shows sales teams where to focus to close
Collective(i) —  predictive AI to help achieve more sales
Enquire  —  better e-commerce search
Fusemachines —  automats prospecting, lead qualification and more —  get UX/UI design improvement insights for your website
InsideSales —  helps gain more relevant sales leads
Nova AI  —  helps you get meaningful and useful insights on your customers  —  cloud-based CRM software powered by AI  —  gives sales leaders sales activities and performance analytics  —  bot builds easily
Roof AI —  real-estate lead generation chatbot
Salesforce Einstein —  improves business process and customer interactions
Sales Decision Engine —  AI-powered sales enablement suite
Sudo  —  finds meaningful signals in your customer data
Spin  —  confidential customer feedback
Tethr  —  gain insights customer phone conversations
TACT  —  never need log in a CRM again
—  track, map and understand user experience
xiQ  —  helps accelerate sales, monitor competitive activity and more
Zensight —  AI for sales professionals  —  improve CX with conversation  —  helps sales leaders operate their teams at peak performance
Hatch  —  enables automated eCommerce through Facebook Messenger
Pathlight —  always-on, data-obsessed sales ops analysis of teams
Conversica  —  discovers your most qualified sales opportunities from email and other comms
Sentient —  automatically makes website design changes to improve ROI

👥 Recruiting

Entelo  —  combines and suggests job candidates from different web sources
Glider  —  source, match and evaluated automatically
HiQ  —  provides insights and suggestions for engaging with employees
HireVue  —  uses facial recognition to help you decided on job candidates
Olivia  —  an improved candidate and recruiting experience
Rai  —  helps you with recruiting and contacting candidates
Rey  —  introduces you to people you should really meet (work and play)
Talent Sonar  —  hiring platform using a range of AI and inclusive methods
Textio  —  helps improve how your job ads are written
Uncommon  —  improved job candidate search and ad creation platform
Wade & Wendy —  helps you find jobs and hire people

Recruiting.AI  —  helps with hiring

👭 Team Collaboration

Aviva  —  helps you organise your workplace communication  —  puts all of your company knowledge within reach
Cyclops  —  video conferencing, including whiteboard —  helps predict project timelines
Howdy  —  a friendly, trainable bot that helps Slack teams with work
Knowmail —  an assistant that helps you cleverly manage your inbox
Plato  —  a teamwork platform
Talla  —  automate internal questions, manage and prioritise staff requests
Soapbox  —  access to the collective wisdom of your organisation  —  meeting scheduling assistant  —  is your personal assistant who keeps track of important work tasks

Entropy  —  helps to measure and raise employees emotional intelligence
ConferAI  —  enables colleagues to give feedback on project and meeting effectiveness  —  helps enhance team collaboration and performance
Cerb  —  helps manage shared inboxes  —  turns employee feedback into customised leadership training for managers  —  puts all of your company knowledge within reach —  eliminate communication overhead and version conflicts in your design and development workflow

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