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A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today — for industry specific (3/3)

Liam Hänel
September 12th, 2017 · 9 min read

The final piece of the puzzle  —  Part 3. Here’s a look at industry specific companies that utilise various forms of artificial intelligence to solve some really interesting and particular problems for different markets.

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Part 3 — AI tools for Industry specific businesses

Artificial Intelligence — industry specific:

🛌 Accomodation & Hotel

Exa  —  helps engage and delight guests with voice automated solutions

💱 Advertisement

Datacratic  —  helps you focus your digital ad on people you want to target
  —  a way to show personalised and engaging advertisement

🐮 Agriculture

Abundant Robotics —  robotic solutions for difficult jobs in agriculture
AgriData  —  mapping software specifically for agriculture
Blue River Technology —  acquired by John Deere
Descartes Labs  —  collects satellite imagery and makes ready for use+analysis
Grojo  —  grow room controller and monitoring system
Mavrx  —  aerial imaging that provides deep understanding of crop
Peat  —  automatic image recognition for plant damage
Pivot Bio  —  crop soil and microbial health management
Prospera Technologies  —  monitor and analyse plant health
TerrAvion  —  aerial imagery to learn about crop health and more
Trace Genomics —  help measure soil health and nutritional status
Tule  —  remote crop water monitoring and irrigation control
UDIO  —  helps manage water usage

🔬 Biological

Atomwise  —  for novel small molecule discovery
Citrine  —  better material information
Color  —  helps you understand genetic risk for common hereditary cancers
Deep Genomics  —  predict what will happen within a cell when DNA is altered
Embryonic by BioTime  —  identify embryonic score of a sample online
Ginkgo Bioworks —  we design custom microbes for a range markets
Grail  —  detect cancer early, when it can be cured
iCarbonX  —  a personal health data collection and organising platform
Mims —  helps scientists with bioinformatics
Nanotronics  —  highly advanced microscope
Numerate  —  revolutionise small molecule drug design
Recursion Pharmaceuticals —  drug discovery
SciAi —  write biomedical papers in semantic format
Verily  —  developing tools to collect and organise health data
Whole Biome —  a platform to develop microbiome interventions
Zymergen —  engineer better microbes

💻 Cyber Security

Cybel Angel  —  prevention and real-time detection cyber incidents
  —  cybersecurity that predicts, prevents and protects from threats
Darktrace  —  spots patterns and prevent cyber crimes before they occur
Deep Instinct  —  zero day attacked protection for endpoints and mobile
Delphi  —  security against malware and malicious internet activity
Demisto —  combines security orchestration and incident management
Drawbridge Networks —  security-as-a-service
Emergent  —  helps predict where hackers will attack
Graphistry —  helps teams investigate cyber threats quickly and easily
LeapYear —  extracts threat insights from sensitive data
Pelican  —  a more intelligent and secure payment, compliance and banking
SentinelOne —  predicts, prevents, detects and responds to threats
Shift Technology —  helps reduce insurance fraud
SignalSense —  evaluates traffic for threats occurring inside your network
Sift Science  —  helps prevent fraud and abuse for your web-scale business
SparkCognition —  helps businesses predict a data breach
Versive  —  automates threat hunting supporting cybersecurity teams
Zimperium —  real-time threat protection mobile and apps

🛒 Ecommerce

Basket  —  e-commerce shopping cart chatbot  —  create and deploy stunning UI elements and widgets in seconds  —  intelligent agent geared for ecommerce
Contented  —  dynamic page/website/email layouts optimised to your content
Firedrop  —  websites designed automatically, just add content and publish  —  throw content at it and it builds you a website
Prix  —  helps to optimise pricing
Oly —  selects and helps you publish content to your social media
Sentient  —  automatically makes website design changes to improve ROI
Signature —  build elegant landing pages using your social media content
TheGrid —  building websites automatically just by adding content

🎓 Education

AltSchool  —  a platform made to improve learning capabailities
Content Technologies (CTI)  —  research and development company
Coursera  —  online courses from top universities
Gradescope  —  streamlines the tedious parts of grading
Hugh  —  helps library users find any book quickly  —  customer service chatbot for higher education
Knewton  —  personalised learning for high and primary schools
Volley  —  makes training and development more engaging and effective

💵 Fintech

AlphaSense  —  highly intelligent search functionality
Alta5  —  scriptable trading automation for your online brokerage account
—  hedging and arbitrageur protection
AppZen —  audit your T&E expenses in real-time and cut your expenses
Cerebellum Capital  —  investment management firm driven by statistical ML
Darwinian Capital  —  uses AI to build investment products
iSentium  —  quantify unstructured social content into sentiment indicators
Kasisto  —  manage your banking via chat
Numerai  —  a new kind of hedge fund
Kensho  —  scalable ML for government and commercial (backed by CIA)
Origin  —  trades stocks and predicts prices  —  mining trading strategies and management —  learn if you’re investor ready or not through conversation
PrecisionLender  —  offers actionable financial insights to bankers
Quandl  —  delivers alternative datasets atop core financial and economic data
Sentient  —  helps with financial strategy and investment choices

👾 Gaming

Kythera  —  in-game AI to help game studios with development

🏥 ️ Healthcare

Atomwise  —  for novel small molecule discovery
Babylon  —  online doctor consultations using AI
BuddiHealth  —  helps improve process, payment systems and costs with RCM  —  medical billing, coding and claims software
BenevolnentAI  —  helps with the discovery of new medicines
Calico Labs  —  trying to solve the problem of aging and diseases
CareSkore  —  patient profile software for predicting outcomes and trends
CloudMedx  —  a platform to help with clinical treatment and financial savings
CUDL  —  share clinical data securely and simplify ultrasound understanding
Deep6 Analytics  —  helps find better patients for clinical trials much faster
—  make medical diagnosis tests accurate and safer
DreamUp Vision  —  helps ophthamologists with screening of retinal diseases  —  transform medical reports into international standard code
Embryonic by BioTime  —  identify embryonic score of a sample online
Enlitic  —  makes doctors faster and more accurate
Freenome  —  non-invasive medical screening to treat cancer and other disease  —  open source tools to help increase ML in healthcare
IBM Watson Health  —  advanced capabilities for healthcare institutions
Lunit Inc.  —  medical data analysis and interpretation
Lytics  —  medical insights tools  —  collaborative medical research
Numerate Medical —  revolutionise small molecule drug design
Oncora  —  precision radiation oncology for personalised treatment
Pharma AI  —  support pharmaceutical research and development
pulseData  —  predicts bad, expensive health outcomes before they happen
Qure —  diagnosis for MRI, CT Scans and X-Rays
Sentrian  —  detects patient deterioration earlier with chronic diseases
twoXAR  —  accelerates drug discovery
Umps Health  —  helps detect elderly people emergency requirements
Viz  —  helps doctors treat patients faster with medical imaging
Zebra Medical Vision —  medical imaging to help physicians and practitioners
Zephyr Health —  helps life sciences companies connect the right people

📹 Image

3Scan  —  improving the accuracy and efficiency of anatomic pathology
Arterys  —  platform to help manage medical imaging
Bay Labs —  developing cardiovascular imaging tools
Butterfly Network  —  medical imaging accessible to everyone in the world
Cortexica —  a range of different advanced imagining products
Google DeepMind  —  does this really need a description?
Imagia  —  helps detect changes in cancer early
Kuznech —  computer vision products range
Lunit Inc.  —  a range of medical imaging software
Zebra Medical Vision —  medical imaging to help physicians and practitioners

🏗️ Infrastructure

Doxel  —  visual artificial intelligence for job sites
Flywheel  —  building performance platform
OJO Home —  helps real estate agents turn prospects into clients for life

🏢 Insurance

Cape Analytics  —  identify property attributes at scale for underwriting  —  dynamic modelling of credit risk
ZestFinance  —  improved underwriting for insurance companies

Beagle  —  helps law firms find deep hidden insights in legal text
Blue J Legal —  enables tax professionals to strengthen their tax position
Equivant  —  helps decision making on convictions (not a fan of this!)
Kira](  —  speeds the identification and analysis of contracts
Legal Robot](  —  helps make sense of legal language and find errors
Premonition](  —  helps you find lawyers based on their statistics
Peter](  —  helps with legal contracts and timestamping
Ravel Law]( —  enhances lawyers legal capabilities with deep insights
ROSS Intelligence]( —  enhances lawyers legal capabilities with deep insights
Seal**](  —  contract discovery and analytics

💡 Manufacturing

Eigen Innovations  —  help manufacturers optimise productivity
  —  interprets shop floor data and provides actions to operators

🗞️ News & Media

Dataminr —  discovers high-impact events and news instantly

🐨 Other

Maxima  —  claim to be working on artificial general intelligence  —  create 3d avatars from selfies, instantly  —  an IIoT ecosystem leveraging leading devices and platforms
Hugh  —  helps library users find any book quickly
PETRL  —  promotes moral consideration for algorithms
Purple  —  learn more about your customers through their Wifi usage
Personalised Privacy Assistant Project  —  learns about privacy preferences of users to give them control of what information about themselves others see
TARA  —  helps you manage projects
Ulzard  —  transform a UI screenshot into working code
Vue  —  fashion trend

👜 Retail Finance

Betterment  —  personalised retirement planning
Earnest  —  alternative loan financing using prediction of your income in future
Lendo  —  a new way of credit scoring aimed at people without credit access
Mirador  —  improved and quicker decision making for lending as a borrower
Tala (a InVenture) —  a new way of credit scoring using smart phone data
Playment —  training data, image annotation and more for enterprise
Prix  —  helps to optimise pricing

🔒 Security & Safety  —  drones for agriculture, public emergency and more
Irvine Sensors
—  detects foreign and intentionally placed objects for security

🏅 Sports

Arena  —  sport performance prediction and analysis

📦 Transportation and Logistics

Acerta  —  helps better understand their vehicle data to find root faults causes
Aerea  —  supply chain management, manufacturing and prediction
Alloy  —  analytics and supply chain management software
Armada  —  helps to track and improve supply chain costs and efficiencies
Captain  —  smart delivery software for restaurants
ClearMetal  —  helps predict logistics issues and reduce costs
Marble  —  creating a fleet of intelligent courier robots
PitStop  —  the fastest way to detect and correct errors in PDF files
Preteckt  —  be informed in advance before your truck experiences a problem
Routific  —  improve and plan local logistics routes in real-time
Preteckt  —  helps diagnose and predict truck faults
Seldin  —  AI powered supply chains
SupplyAI  —  helps predict if customers are likely to return a purchase

🚗 Travel

Mezi  —  helps with booking flights, hotels, restaurant reservations and more
  —  help booking and managing business travels

📺 VR & AR

Drop  —  I was just intrigued by their website…

Autonomous Systems & Robotics:

✈️ Aerial

Achron  —  automated UAV operations
Airware  —  drones for industrial purposes  —  drones for agriculture, public emergency and more
DJI  —  everyone has this drone
DroneDeploy  —  the software platform for drone mapping
Fathom  —  enables rapid prototyping, validation of DNN and CV drones
Lily  —  drones that follow you
Mavrx  —  aerial imaging that provides deep understanding of crop
Shield  —  autonomous unmanned systems for civil and defence
Skycatch  —  turn drone photos into 3D models
Skydio  —  building a new generation of AI powered drones

🚘 Autonomous Vehicles

Aeye  —  safe and reliable vehicle autonomy
AIMotive  —  autonomous vehicle hardware and software
Area17  —  autonomous navigation
Autonomic  —  building self-driving car capabilities
Auro Robotics —  self driving shuttle for campuses and corporate parks  —  helps make your car self driving compatible
Dispatch  —  creating a fleet of autonomous vehicles for pedestrian spaces —  building the brain of self-driving vehicles  —  peer-to-peer fully autonomous transportation logistics network
Five AI  —  autonomous vehicles systems that can work anywhere
Mobileye  —  self-driving vehicles for industry
Nauto  —  give your fleet self-driving capabilities
nuTonomy  —  software for driverless fleets
PlusAI  —  working toward Level 4/5 self-driving car (semi-fully autonomous)
Shield  —  autonomous unmanned systems for civil and defence
Tesla  —  auto pilot and self-driving capability by the one and only..
Uber  —  autonomous vehicle program by Uber
Waymo —  Google’s self-driving vehicle project

🤖 Industrial Autonomy & Robotics

Airware  —  drones for industrial purposes
Anki  —  dedicated to bringing consumer robotics into everyday life
Clearpath Robotics  —  develop autonomous robots for different purposes
Corva  —  provides drilling analytics and other insights for gas and oil
Dispatch  —  creating a fleet of autonomous vehicles for pedestrian spaces
Fetch Robotics —  optimising warehouse and logistics operations
Graphcore  —  IPU that is 10x to 100x times more efficient and cost effective
Harvest Automation —  robots for a range of industrial environments
Jaybridge Robotics —  develops vehicle automation for heavy equipment
Kindred AI —  exploring systems to enable robots to participate in our world  —  industrial automous robots
Ortelio  —  the software to help robots do what they do
Osaro  —  a range of autonomous vehicles and robots
Rethink Robotics  —  the people behind Baxter + Sawyer collaborative robots
Roboy  —  a humanoid robot aimed to be as capable as a human
Spoon  —  a robot (I couldn’t work out its purpose, but it sounded cool!)
SoftBank  —  robotics and other advanced technology company
Tend —  monitor and control your production line from anywhere
Yandex Data Factory  —  provides AI-based solutions that directly increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve energy efficiency

Academic & Research:

🏫 Research

Cogitai  —  developing continual shared learning artificial intelligence
IBM Q —  building universal quantum computers for business and science
Isris  —  AI for scientific documentation to help find solutions
Kimera  —  developing AGI to help cure cancer and solve other problems
Meta  —  helps researchers understand what is happening globally in science and shows them where science is headed
NNAISENSE  —  building large-scale neural network solutions
Numenta  —  reverse engineering the neocortex
OpenAI —  discovering and enacting the path to safe AGI
Swarm Insight  —  better, real-time feedback from groups

⌨️ Developers, Studios and Consultants (only a few listed)

Applied AI
Blindspot Solutions
Crossing Minds
Expert Systems

📚 Open Source Libraries

Apache Spark
Azure ML
Caffe Chainer
Microsoft CNTK
Microsoft DMTK
Nervana Neon
OpenAI Gym

🛠 Hardware

1026 Labs Armada Cadence
Cirrascale Google TPU Graphcore Hugh Intel
Preteckt sNVIDIA DGX-1/Titan X
Qualcomm Tenstorrent

🎓 Institutions & Universities

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Association for the Advanced of Artificial Intelligence
AI-ON  —  Artificial Intelligence Open Network
AI Impacts
EXI  —  Exropy Institute
Future of Life Institute
Institute for Artificial Intelligence  —  Franklin College of Arts & Sciences
Partnership on AI  —  to benefit people and society
Singularity Institute
Stanford  —  One Hundred Year Study of Artificial Intelligence
UC Berkeley  —  Center for Human-Capital AI
Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence
PETRL  —  promotes moral consideration for algorithms
Facebook AI Research

Alternative (interesting projects worth a mention):

❤️ Privacy and Social Impact

AI Now Initiative  —  research initiative working across disciplines to understand the social and economic implications of artificial intelligence to ensure a more equitable future.

PETRL  —  People for the Ethical Treatment of Reinforcement Learns  —  promotes moral consideration for algorithms, with the idea “you are just an algorithm implemented on biological hardware”

Personalised Privacy Assistant Project  —  learns about privacy preferences of users to give them control of what information about themselves others see.


Anguilla  —  top level domain list (my primary source)  —  The German Artificial Intelligence Landscape
AI 100  —  CB Insights (helped also form part of my structure)
AI X Prize
CIO Applications (helped form part of my structure)
Sam DeBrule —  The Non-Technical Guide to Machine Learning
O’Reilly —  The Current State of Machine Learning 3.0

Plus random discoveries that I came across the last couple months

And of course, the countless suggestions from the everyone  —  thank you all very much!

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